Sisu Wine

A wine that looks as good as it tastes.

Sisu is a specialty wine brand created by the owners of Fika. They produce four different flavours of high quality, Canadian-made, and certified sustainable wine available exclusively at Fika locations.

When they came to us, they only had a product. Our job was to create a brand for it that had a distinct personality, appealed to their target audience of Fika patrons, and ultimately would sell.

Scope of Work

  • Branding development
  • Discovery and research
  • Brand stat and architect
  • Content strategy
  • Brand development
  • Logo
  • Brand style guide
  • Packaging
  • Website dev
  • UX/UI
  • Wireframing

Taking a sip of Sisu.

The name “Sisu” is a play on the word “sister”- a fact we used to establish the brand’s personality. We decided that Sisu had to be a feminine, caring, supportive, flirty, and fashionable wine to stand out. Of course, we specified this in their custom Brand Book, highlighting the brand’s positioning statement, values, identity, and taglines.

Adding a drop of extra flavour.

We took their four types of wine and attached different personas for each based on a typical friend group: the girly girl, the mom, the wild one, and the sophisticated one.

We wanted customers to feel connected to the wine based on who they were. Of course, we designed product labels for each bottle to reflect this idea.

Pouring up a sweet new look.

Sisu’s product appearance was our key focus. We designed its packaging, collateral, typography, logo, iconography, and colour palette. We ensured all elements flowed together as one, consistent brand.

From there, we created Sisu’s tagline: “Celebrating you has never been so sweet.” We also wrote playful names and descriptions for each flavour of wine.

Cheers to a full-bodied virtual storefront.

To round out Sisu’s brand, we drafted, designed, and developed a responsive webpage where customers could read about each flavour and buy.

The outcome.

Sisu was able to launch their four wines with great success both virtually and in-store. They went from having an unlabeled product to a unique, exciting, and attractive brand of wine that appealed Fika customers and beyond. Reviews from customers have been positive and sales have been going steady since the brand’s launch.

Ready to roll?


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