Experience It Inc.

A company creating leaders for 30+ years.

Experience It Inc. is a global leadership development company that provides immersive in-class and digital simulations for Fortune 500 companies. Their training programs help businesses create transformational leaders that can flourish and direct new strategies and initiatives.

When they came to us in 2015, they asked us to give them a total rebrand. After over two decades of success, they felt that their company needed a refresh to align with modern brands. Today, Experience It is still one of the best in their industry, with over 140,000 graduated leaders and counting.

Scope of Work

  • Content Strategy
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Brand Development & Rebranding
  • Collateral, Print & Packaging
  • Production Design
  • Website Design & Development
  • UX/UI
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframing
  • Prototypes

Modernize, modernize, modernize.

Our goal was to tackle their visuals, first and foremost. They needed the sophisticated, innovative, and tech-savvy look of a leading leadership development company. We provided Experience It with the extra boost of confidence, that could appeal to the large, international companies they were targeting.

Revamping the digital experience.

We went through and gave them what they needed on the digital side. This meant wireframing, prototypes, designing UX/UI, and creating information architecture for their new website.

Making fresh collateral and print.

We wanted their in-person materials to reflect their online appearance. So, we designed the collateral, print, and physical resources they needed for several of their simulations.

Focusing on first impressions.

We wanted to show off their competence and capabilities from the very first interaction. That way, their clients would trust in Experience It’s ability to handle big events and complex demand.

As such, we updated the look of their logo and social media. Then, we revised their content strategy, ads, and created a promotional video.

The outcome.

After 7+ years of working together, we’ve helped Experience It with everything from branding to marketing campaigns to content creation. We are proud to have been a big part of their digital expansion into over 75 countries and will continue to support them on their future projects.

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