Hello! We’re Red Dice. And we can't wait to meet you.

We’re a team that loves what we do. We’re problem solvers, story tellers, and visionaries. Creativity? Passion? That’s our DNA.

Let’s do this together.

We believe that many hands make light work. Or better yet, many heads make for incredible ideas. Work with us and we’ll work with you, because we want you to be there for every step of the process.

our talent

Julius Joaquin

Founder / Chief Strategist

Joseph Joaquin

Sales Director

Yukina Ishiguro

Lead Front End Developer

Ashton Chambers

Lead Designer

Richie Zhai

Content Strategist

Duc Tran

Full Stack Developer

Hoang Nguyen

Full Stack Developer

Our values guide our every endeavour.

Doing it right.

When it comes to our work, we don’t play around. We want the best possible results for our clients, meaning elevated standards and consistent high-quality deliverables.

Doing it together.

Diversity and inclusivity are a big part of who we are. We work with all types of businesses, people, and organizations to foster a culture of constant learning, empathy, and creativity.

Doing it with style.

Standing out is our passion and our goal. We prioritize being bold, different, and impactful. After all, with a business as special as yours, you should never be afraid to make a splash.

We’re obsessed with wanting to create something more.

We believe in your ability to stand out. We believe in your ability to be human and to speak from the heart. We want to hear your story and tell it to the world. So, let’s get to work!

Brief Questionnaire


1. What is the exact name of your organization?

2. What type of organization are you?

3. Can you provide us a little background history about your organization?

4. Please describe your products and/or services:

5. Who are your competitors?

6. Who is your target audience?

7. Branding

8. Strategic Messaging

9. Which of our following services are you interested in?

10. What is the best way to contact you?