Bloomberg Business | Odyessy

  • Vendor on Record: Experience It inc.
  • Client: Bloomberg Business
  • Project: Production Design / Art Direction
  • Date: June 2018

Our great partnership with Experience It inc. provided us a wonderful opportunity to work with Bloomberg’s talented business group. Our objective was to create a training environment like no other. This 2-day training event was a creative’s agency’s dream. We produced visuals through all functions of the program from training manuals to event props. It was certainly an experience that the participants will remember for a very long time.

Odyessy took 4 months to complete and required various talents from illustrators, 3D modelers, and animators. Our focus was to deliver a world so magical that it would then be comparable to the likes of Pixar, all while significantly differentiating the client from the rest of the corporate training industry.

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