Downtown Oakville BIA

  • Client: Downtown Oakville BIA
  • Project: Web Design/Web Development
  • Date: June 2019

We’ve had the pleasure to work with Downtown Oakville BIA for over 2 years. From the initial website redesign to being part of their ongoing commitment to improving the online experience with every website visitor. Our project with the BIA has truly been a welcome challenge and meaningful pursuit.

Downtown Oakville BIA came to us with a challenge to improve their overall website experience. They presented us with a challenge to improve their local business directory so that potential customers can find them with ease along with creating a streamlined source of information for current & upcoming events.

What we’ve created was a high-quality directory that provides clear information and easy to navigate communication & direction to downtown Oakville’s local businesses. We’ve also provided a robust client management system that allows the internal BIA team to manage the website efficiently and easily.