Cisco System | Catalyst

  • Vendor On Record: Experience It inc.
  • Client: Cisco Systems
  • Project: Production Design / Art Direction
  • Date: Aug 2017

Catalyst, a training program by Experience It inc. for Cisco Systems was our first of many collaborations together. In 2015 Cisco System required a 2-day sales training program and Experience It inc. reached out to Red Dice Media to create an experience that had left one of the highest net promoter scores that the company has ever seen. This program, later on, was published on a 2015 Chief Sales Executive Forum report.

Our work with Catalyst – Sales Training Program was to produce a visual experience that would help compliment this well-crafted training program that Experience It inc. has created. Using the elements of colors we were able to make room pop from the various materials throughout, and help the overall segmentation of the multiple teams envolved.

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