24 hours Electricians!

All our technicians are equipped with a large stock of electrical equipment to provide an immediate solution 24 hours a day to the vast majority of electrical faults. If you have an electrical problem, we are always available, you will never be stranded.

what we do best

Our prices are fair and often agreed in advance with our clients, no work is carried out without their prior consent. Because our clients are our most valuable asset, we always seek their satisfaction and complicity. All our work is carried out in compliance with the Low Voltage Regulation, paying special attention to the safety of the facilities. Our work is always covered by our extended warranty.


We are professionals and therefore our knowledge goes beyond what is seen in the problem, we have the capacity to detect the problem almost immediately and to quickly create solutions for you. As always, we will offer you the cheapest estimates and the ones that suit you best.

Among our most requested services, we can highlight:

  • Plug repair
  • Install industrial electrical panels
  • Replace circuit breaker
  • Reset light
  • High voltage installations
  • Electrical panel reform
  • Fix blackout
  • Open points of light
  • Electrical bulletin
  • Electrical mounting

Why we Stand out?

Our successfully implemented projects speak for us with many years of experience. All of our staff are specialized in locating and quickly solving any electrical problem that may arise in your home, community of neighbors or business.


Our electrical installation services range from small service orders to demanding large-scale projects for all systems in the electrical sector.


  • We only use top quality materials
  • We are a modern and trustworthy company specialized in electrical installations.

The Greatest Electrician
In Toronto!

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If you need an urgent and reliable electrician, call us and our electricians will visit you without obligation in less than half an hour to solve your electrical problem immediately.

Residential services

We are the best Electricians for home repairs, such as changing plugs, solution of electrical blackouts, issuance of electrical bulletin. We have Electricians who will carry out any type of repair for breakdowns that you can suffer in your home. We can carry out any type of project you have in mind, as our experts are dedicated to solving problems at home with the best ideas they can offer you on this subject.


We offer total solutions from a single source. 

we take care of...

We carry out inspections, issue a lighting inspection certificate and carry out maintenance. We adhere to your plan.

For the opening licenses, we have surveyors and engineers to carry out your opening license and project in the shortest possible time and at an affordable price.

We carry out all kinds of electrical installations for the home and business. The best professionals at the best price. 

We have extensive experience in this sector. We have the best equipment to detect the fault in your ground installation. Trust us and you will save your life and that of your devices.

Entrust the maintenance of your installation to the best professionals. With years of experience behind us, you can ask for a budget without obligation.

Services we provide

….And much more!

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Commercial services

We are the best Electricians, both for industrial electricity installations, and commercial premises. We are reliable and competent. When we carry out your repairs, we are fully prepared for any situation that may arise and that is why we have the best technology when it comes to tools.

Classic high / low current installations and communication cabling from A to Z with initial tests, final checks, periodic checks with proof of safety, as well as quality assurance and measurement protocols.

Services we provide

….And much more!

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